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Message in a Bottle Collectibles – The Touryst Wiki Guide

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Welcome to the Message in a bottle Collectibles page of the official IGN Wiki Guide and Step-by-step procedure for The Touryst on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S and PC. Here we will break down everything you need to know about the message in the bottle. collectibles in the game, including where to find each of them.

  • Head to the back of the houses to the left of the boat dock Touryst Island and enter the water. You will see a bottle floating in the ocean, pictured below. To pick it up – this is the first of four “Message in a Bottle” collectibles find.

  • Sure Call, go left after leaving the boat dock. You should see the small rock formation pictured below – there’s a message in the bottle to find here. Swim and catch it. This is the second of our message in a bottle Collectibles find.

  • Step onto the concrete where the orange haired person stands to the right of the gallery Leysure Island and talk to that person. They will explain to you that they see something sparkling in the waves. It is a Message in a Bottle collector’s item. This is the third of our Message in a bottle Collectibles find.

  • Meet in the information hut in front of the quay on Soggy island. On the left, jump into the water and swim. You should spot the message in a collectable bottle pictured below. This is the fourth and last of our message in a bottle Collectibles find.


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