Monday, June 5, 2023

Microsoft Edge vertical tabs will arrive this month

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Last year Microsoft promised a bunch of features for the Edge browser, and the most interesting of the bunch are the vertical tabs. Now the tech giant has announced that vertical tabs are making their way to all Edge users this month, four months later. deploy preview to Dev channel testers. Format tabs live in a pane on the side of the browser. The layout allows the tab titles to be clearly visible so users know exactly what they are clicking on, but they can also click an arrow button at the top of the tab bar to hide the descriptions if they want. the website they are looking at. to occupy most of the screen.


Another new feature rolling out to Edge this month is “the boot from startup”. It launches the browser in the background when users log into their device and keeps the browser running even after closing all of its windows. Microsoft claims that this cuts the time it takes to start a browser by 29-41%. The feature is on by default, but users can turn it off in settings.

Microsoft is also launching a new way to view browser history. Edge now opens as a drop-down menu from the toolbar instead of a full page that takes users away from the website they are viewing, and users can pin the lightweight menu to the side for easy access.

In addition to the new Edge features, the tech giant has also launched a handful of Bing enhancements. Its search results page now intuitively highlights the most relevant results, and its carousel now displays result information when you hover over an entry. Finally, the search engine now presents aggregated information for general topics. Querying for “Kenya”, for example, shows users an aggregated infographic-inspired experience with the best textual and visual results.


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