Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3: UK & Ireland Now Available For Free

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  • Today’s update includes improved graphics, handcrafted backgrounds, custom airports, and exciting new activities

In September
, we shared our vision of continuous improvement Microsoft Flight Simulator by making significant updates to the simulator on a monthly basis. Today we’re releasing World Update 3 and are excited to provide slow cookers with a dazzling flying experience across the UK and Ireland.

Fly to a region rich in tradition, culture and heritage – not to mention on the one hand myths and legends. From royal seats to financial centers, bustling metropolitan centers, sprawling farms and cliffside villages, the splendor of the UK and Ireland is on full display with dramatic upgrades and visual upgrades.

Global Update 3: UK & Ireland offers high resolution 3D photogrammetry for renowned cities of Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, London and Oxford, five new meticulously handcrafted airports (Barra, Liverpool, Land’s End, Manchester- Barton and Out Skerries), visual and logistical improvements to 85 more airports in the region, and improved digital elevation information across the UK

Additionally, we’ve added compelling architectural elements throughout the region, ranging from British mansions and Victorian homes to country stone structures, castles and churches – and even some drive-thru restaurants. In addition, over 70 personalized monuments and points of interest bring new levels of detail and fidelity to some of the world’s most famous monuments and bridges, royal palaces, breathtaking cathedrals … and, of course, football stadiums.

The update also includes a trio of new activities: an iconic flight in the Northern Isles and two miscellaneous landing challenges – an epic in the north of the Shetland Islands and a fierce one far south in the choppy skies of the south-eastern England.

World Update 3: UK and Ireland is available free from today everyone Microsoft Flight Simulator users. Make sure your simulator is up to date first, then visit the marketplace to download the UK and Ireland pack and start exploring the land of charm and magnificence that awaits you. Heaven is calling!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, Windows 10, and Steam. Share your thoughts with us on the dedicated forums or check our FAQ if you have any questions. For the latest information on Microsoft Flight Simulator, stay tuned @MSFSOfficial on Twitter.

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