Saturday, May 25, 2024

Microsoft unveils new Cortana AI technology for its 365 mobile apps

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Microsoft will also update Teams (followed by Outlook and Office) with support for natural language queries in English in the United States. You can also use search using text or Cortana to find messages, chats, meetings, and more. The app also adds a video content collaboration feature, allowing users to contribute and create smart scan from Microsoft Lens (formerly Office Lens).

Lens is also gaining the ability to recognize handwriting and English text, first in the Lens app, followed by Office Mobile. This will allow you to “transcribe handwritten notes into text just to add them to your documents,” Microsoft said.

Finally, Microsoft is introducing “micro-task shortcuts”. These will allow you to create quick forms or surveys in Office or Teams, plan your time with daily weather forecast, tap to link to a website from an Outlook mobile email with an integrated Bing web view, use the Microsoft’s To Do widget and more. To see all the many features introduced, check out Microsoft blog.


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