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Mike Vrabel’s ‘penis’ quote resurfaces as Titans punt proves costly in playoff loss to Ravens

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The Titans decided to kick and potentially dashed their Super Bowl hopes.

In the 17-13 fourth quarter, Mike Vrabel and the Titans punted into Ravens territory, raising eyebrows and drawing criticism from all corners of the Twittersphere.

On a fourth and second off the Ravens 40-yard line with 10:06 left on the game clock, Vrabel and the Titans opted for a punt, giving the ball back to the Ravens with ample time. The Ravens would come down the field and score a basket, giving them a 20-13 lead. The score would hold for the final.

“I just decided to punt,” Vrabel said in his post-match press conference. “We were playing well defensively, we thought we had a punt inside the 10 and we were able to play the game from position on the field. I spent time there that I felt we could. We kept them in the basket. “

Of course, those decisions are often taken with great care and are often easily questioned in real time – but Vrabel’s decision to kick is the first time this has happened in over 25 years, according to Pro Football Reference.

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Analyzes also disagree – vehemently – with Vrabel’s decision at this particular point in time, leading to a lot of reinforcement for the head scratching on the decision.

Of course, the Internet does not forget: Vrabel once was quoted as saying he would cut his own genitals if that meant a Super Bowl appearance for the Titans. Obviously, the potential beheading played on Vrabel’s mind, and the worshiping audience reminded Titans HC of it.


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