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Moonshot of Delta Project’s food waste is now part of Google

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Team X is hoping to recreate the efforts of Kroger and the Southwest Produce Cooperative, which coordinate to deliver surplus groceries from supermarkets to food banks in the Tucson, Ariz. Area using software. . The team has already produced a prototype food distribution system running on Google Cloud, called “Dana-bot(From Dana Yost, COO of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona). This system, explains Ma, “automatically downloaded information from the food dataset donated by the Southwest Produce Cooperative, categorized and standardized each entry, then matched the foods with food banks and custodians. -eat according to the real-time needs of the Feeding America network. ”

The team also produced a prototype computer vision system that can help reduce food waste in commercial kitchens. It basically monitors the trash, identifies what gets thrown out, and tracks how much is thrown out in a given amount of time. The team implemented a 6-month pilot program (pre-pandemic) in 20 Alphabet cafeterias where cameras collected twice as much data as conventional manual sorting methods. The team hopes to continue their food identification work once the pandemic recedes and workers return to Google campuses.


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