Sunday, December 3, 2023

Morethannumberone released for sale due to ‘abnormally large testicles’

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A well-endowed racehorse was auctioned off after struggling to perform at the racetrack because of its “unusually large testicles”.

Morethannumberone, trained by Gary and John Moore, has a modest record of just one win in 15 starts and was released to the market after a move to Hong Kong failed.

Its owner, however, has perhaps thought of the most ingenious sales pitch to attract buyers to its well-endowed beast – offering a solution to the problem of the horse’s troublesome virility.

“Morethannumberone has been a model of consistency in this preparation with much more to give to its new connections,” reads the Inglis sales platform.

“Its current owner chose to go auction with Morethannumberone because he did not qualify for import from Hong Kong. Having hesitated at Geld Morethannumberone, it is believed that his new relationship could reap rewards from the removal of his unusually large testicles. were considered restrictions.

“Morethannumberone is simple to train, cleans limbs and rarely leaves food. Performed well and trained, and without any hindrance, with the use of a tongue and cross noseband.”

Assistant coach James Moore said the team just wanted to be as honest as possible when putting Morethannumberone up for sale.

“We’re in the business of building a brand and we believe transparency is the # 1 thing we need to do to build that brand,” Moore said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“He’s a lovely horse and if he’s icy we think there is still a lot of improvement left. We just wanted people to know that and for him to be with us or someone else, I am sure the next owner will have lots of fun. “

Morethannumberone, ended up selling for $ 28,500 on Wednesday after being initially bought for $ 375,000.


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