Saturday, September 23, 2023

Netflix’s Fast Laughs is a TikTok-style comedy thread for your phone

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Sometimes all you want is a good laugh. The latest mobile feature of the service is designed for this. is a stream of special stand-up clips as well as comedy and movie shows.

It even has a “LOL” button so you can react to clips. He adds the Face with tears of joy emoji (who, sorry to inform you, ) on your screen.

A little like , clips are displayed vertically and are played automatically. According to , the feature will include up to 100 clips per day. They can be as short as about 15 seconds. Others can last longer than 45 seconds. If a clip catches your interest, you can add the special, series, or movie to your list or start watching immediately.

Netflix gives functionality top-notch real estate. Fast Laughs has its own tab in the bottom navigation menu. You’ll be able to share links to the clips elsewhere, but only subscribers will be able to watch them, and they’ll have to view them in the Netflix app.

Fast Laughs is rolling out in English-speaking countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. It’s iPhone-only at the moment, though Netflix will start testing an Android version later this year. Child profiles will not have access to the feature, and you can filter clips based on your content’s maturity level settings.


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