Thursday, September 21, 2023

Nets general manager Sean Marks is confident James Harden will pounce on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

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Nets general manager Sean Marks is confident Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden will freeze as they work towards a “common goal.”

Questions have been asked about whether the three stars can work together, but Marks seemed convinced they will.

“These guys gave us the right answers. They said, hey they want to play together, they can see this montage,” Marks said in a press conference Thursday after the Nets confirmed they were done. Harden of the Rockets in a blockbuster. four-shift trade.

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“They are at a point in their careers – I don’t want to speak for each of them because I leave their own voice and their narrative to them about it – but I think they understand that there is definitely be nights when one or two have to sacrifice themselves for the other and so on, but I think they’re all looking for a common goal.

“We’re all looking for that common goal, like I said before, is to be the last team standing. I think when you have a squad that’s ready to sacrifice themselves and play hard, to play together on the pitch. , and they already have a relationship, a previous relationship with that, so I think that will help. “

Harden, Durant and Irving all rank in the NBA Top 10 on average since the latter’s rookie season in 2011-12 (minimum 500 games).

Durant or Harden have won seven of the last 11 landmark NBA titles. No Brooklyn qualifier has ever finished higher than fifth in the league.

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Marks said the opportunity to land a player like Harden came at a good time for the Nets.

“The timing was right for us. And luckily, any time you have the opportunity to acquire or try to acquire a player of this caliber, it is something that you watch carefully. [and] is something we’ve done, ”he said.

“The process has accelerated very, very quickly and very quickly over the past 48 hours.”


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