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Next week on Xbox: February 9-12

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Welcome to next week on Xbox! Here we cover all the new games coming to Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Windows 10, plus upcoming Xbox Game Passes and ID @ Xbox titles coming soon! Get more details on the games below and click on their profiles for pre-order details when available (release dates are subject to change). Let’s jump!

The Eight Savages – February 9

The mysterious plane crash was just the beginning. Eight survivors are stranded in the middle of a ruthless frozen Alaskan desert. Don’t let it consume you. Find out the truth. Survive and live to tell the story of The Wild Eight.

#SinucaAttack – February 10

#SinucaAttack - February 10

#SinucaAttack, the cleverly designed indie platformer puzzle, is coming to console, bringing its unique blend of pool ball physics and 2D platforming to new players around the world. Choose your character, customize your wand and jump into a series of quick escape puzzles where billiard balls are your best weapons.

Ultra Goodness 2 – Optimized for Xbox Series X | S – February 10

Ultra Goodness 2 - Optimized for Xbox Series X |  S - February 10

UltraGoodness 2 is a bloody mess of dynamic and fun action, about the struggle between good and evil in the world. Dark forces are ready to be torn apart in this bloody action game, but now they’re combined with time manipulation and the availability of a permanent companion cat.

Failed – February 11th

Aground - February 11

As one of the last human survivors, you find yourself stranded on an uninhabited island. Along with a few other crash victims, can you craft, mine, and build your way to survival? Failed is a mining / craft RPG, where as you level up you will meet new NPCs, unlock new tech, and maybe some magic too. Beneath its simple exterior, Failed hides a lot of depth and surprises.

Retreat of the Knights – February 11th

Knights Retreat - February 11

A game of chess without chess. Reorganize your troops to bring your best knights back to your kingdom in an abstract medieval world. Featuring 80 handcrafted levels with increasing complexity set in a beautiful, abstract world inspired by medieval times.

Little Nightmares II – February 11 – Supports smart delivery

Little Nightmares II - February 11 - Smart Delivery

Return to a charming horror world Little Nightmares II, a thriller adventure game in which you play as Mono, a young boy trapped in a world warped by the buzzing transmission from a distant tower. Together with his new friend Six, Mono sets out to uncover the eerie secrets of The Signal Tower, if they manage to break through a gallery of new threats and enemies. Pre-order Little Nightmares II and receive the Mokujin hat as a wearable headgear for Mono.

On the road The truck simulator – February 11th

On the Road The Truck Simulator - February 11

In this realistic truck simulation, you have over 6500 km of freeways and country roads including many detailed freeway interchanges. Get behind the wheel of a MAN TGX or Scania R Series and discover more than 15 German cities like Hamburg, Bremen, Cologne, Hanover and Berlin, with unique road designs and sites.

Endurance: Space action – February 12 – Xbox One X Improved

Endurance: Space Action - February 12 - Xbox One X Enhanced

A pixel-art top-down shooter with old-school retro vibes. Your objective is to survive on this spaceship and find out what happened to the crew, how disease has spread around this spaceship, and also to save your friends who are in trouble.

Fireworks – 12 February

Fireworks - February 12

Follow Yan the Defective as he battles the fire troops and let him unravel the mystery of the facility in this action platformer that pays homage to titles like Megaman X and History of the cave.

Outbreak: Lost Hope Definitive Edition – February 12 – Optimized for Xbox Series X | S

Outbreak: Lost Hope Definitive Edition - February 12 - Optimized for Xbox Series X |  S

Experience a mother’s desperate search for her daughter during a nationwide epidemic. This story follows Gwen right after her terrible escape from an urban center during the outbreak. A terrible accident separates her from her daughter Hope and she must fight the living dead to survive … and save her daughter.

Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil – 12 February

Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil - February 12

Travel to the magical land of Persian nights and save your sister from a terrible fate. Feel the taste of the orient in this sumptuous and alluring hidden object adventure.

RoboPhobik – 12 February

RoboPhobik - February 12

RoboPhobik is a 70s sci-fi-inspired top-down arcade shooter that has a unique twist – enemies won’t move and attack you while you’re still. Use your tactical skills to avoid being surrounded by robots as you tell a rich story full of love, hate and machines!

Rover Wars: Battle for Mars – February 12 – Xbox One X Improved

Rover Wars: Battle for Mars - February 12 - Xbox One X Enhanced

Rover Wars combines resource management, farming, construction and strategy in a fierce struggle. Fight in an interplanetary campaign and challenge your friends in the configurable battle mode. Rover Wars could be your gateway to the strategy genre.

The story – 12 February

The StoryTale - February 12

The StoryTale is a fairytale platformer game with explosions, explosions, and shards, where heroes fight with cursed weapons and tend to forget about spells, but don’t worry, no one gets hurt.


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