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NHL Trade Tracker 2021: List of Transactions Closed Before the Deadline

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The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching.

Monday, April 12, 3 p.m. ET, is the deadline for teams to decide whether they are playoff contenders or playoff contenders – although, with the way things are organized this year, that will not be possible. – not be known until the last day of the season. With border and quarantine constraints, anomalous divisional rosters, and the expanding Kraken cloud looming over the league, will teams even look to turn and negotiate?

Some general managers, like the Maple Leafs’ Kyle Dubas, have expressed a desire to move, but they want it to happen sooner rather than later.

“I think given the quarantine that is in place now and the 14 days when the player is going to come and sit for 14 days in his hotel and then join the club, we are going to be in a more difficult situation to be certainly as much that we can, ” Dubas told reporters earlier this month. “And if you look at the calendar where it’s going, where April 12 is the deadline, then if you go the two weeks beyond, it’s April 27 or 28 before they leave their hotel, and then they’re only with the squad for i think it’s like six games or ten days or something like that [before playoffs].

“So that certainly gives an incentive to try and do things earlier. It takes two for that to happen, though.”

Everyone can guess how much that will be done. But when the transactions take place, Sporting News will cover them.

Here is a list of all trades made before the 2021 NHL trade deadline.

2021 NHL Trade Deadline Tracking

March 13 maple leaves Vehvilainen wine (G) Blue jackets Mikko Lehtonen (D)
March 20th Sabers Sixth round pick in 2021 avalanche Jonas Johansson (L)


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