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Nick Chubb’s high school career produced some incredible photos

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They look Photoshopped. That’s not to say that the photos that sometimes tours social media of Nick Chubb competing in high school track and field competitions are actually altered in any way. It’s just that the current Browns star, who is the running back, to a large extent eclipses everyone around him.

Here, take a look at some of the photos:

Athletic confirmed in 2019 that these photos of Chubb were indeed real and that they were taken during the Georgia State Track and Field competition in 2014. Chubb allegedly told his Browns teammates that in the race after jumping of the soil in preparation, it only took “fifth or sixth.”

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“This image is definitely a goalie,” Cleveland wide receiver Damion Ratley said The Athletic in 2019. “He’s one of my best friends, man. I play with him. I told him, “You don’t have that hop. It must have been an odd angle. All I can say is Chubb grew up running and lifting logs and stuff. What else are you going to do in Cedartown, Georgia? That’s how he got so big and so fast.

Chubb attended Cedertown High School in Georgia before playing for the Georgia Bulldogs, and he was both a football player and track athlete for his high school, also known as the Bulldogs. Chubb competed in both sprints and several field events, including the long jump and shot put.

In 2014, Chubb set a school record in the 100-meter (10.69 seconds) for second in his section, and he was also second in the section in the 200-meter (21.83 seconds). Chubb won the state shot put title that year with a throw of 16.77 meters (55 feet).

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Looking at the photos above, it actually makes sense that Chubb was such a good shot putter. Even in high school, he had an NFL-like body in terms of strength (which ranked Chubb fifth in broken tackles in the NFL until week 13 in 2020).

Chubb was also a dominant football player in high school thanks to his incredible physique. As a junior, he led Georgia State with 2,721 yards and 38 touchdowns. He was even better as a senior, with 2,690 yards and 41 touchdowns. Chubb finished his high school football career with 6,983 rushing yards and 102 rushing touchdowns. This made him a four-star rookie and he stayed home while attending the University of Georgia.

These days, Chubb’s actions on the NFL fields don’t seem to have changed quite technologically, but they’re still very impressive. He often shies away from defenders or pisses them off, which is very easy to believe when you look at these photos from his high school days.


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