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Nintendo doesn’t plan to announce a new Switch model ‘anytime soon’

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Nintendo reportedly said he has no plans to announce a new Switch model “ anytime soon. ” In a question period for investors following the announcement of Nintendo’s Latest Revenue Report, Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki reports that Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has been asked if the company will announce an improved model of the Switch. His response: “Not anytime soon”.

This response immediately led to a discussion as to whether or not this was a clue to a future announcement. Previously, Nintendo offered more concrete denials of a new model, and Furukawa’s apparent wording here leaves the door more open to an announcement at a later date.

It is worth pointing out that David Gibson, a games business analyst in the same question-and-answer session, reported a slightly different answer to the same question, saying there was “no new model plan” after the release Mario and Monster Hunter Special Edition Change model. Nintendo typically publishes a full Q&A transcript shortly after the event, which should help clarify that wording.

Rumors have been circulating about the release of a “Switch Pro” or “Super Switch” for some time. At the beginning of last year, reports suggest it could happen in 2020 but, speaking to IGN, analysts are more in dispute over whether a Pro model could emerge in 2021.

Whether or not it happens, we can be sure Switch will do very well for Nintendo. The company has just announced that the console had passed the 3DS, after reaching nearly 80 million units sold. the The Switch Lite model alone is set to surpass the Wii U, too.

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