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NRL News | Brisbane Broncos without a win, scrutiny by Kevin Walters

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The Broncos are a poor team with an inexperienced roster that even club icon Kevin Walters can’t quickly resurrect.

It’s the brutal truth seeping in after just two rounds of the NRL, with Brisbane still winless. The once-powerful Broncos haven’t won in 13 games and over 250 days, dating back to mid-season last year.

There is already scrutiny on Walters, a five-time prime minister-awarded club player who is in his first role as head coach. Brisbane was poor in a 28-16 loss to the Titans Friday night, with a pair of tries to defect superstar David Fifita rubbing salt into the wound.

There is already speculation about a third in Brisbane for Wayne Bennett, the iconic six-time Broncos premier winner who finishes as South Sydney coach after this season.

“The scary thing is it’s the second round and we’re already trying to throw Kevvy under the bus,” Broncos tall Sam Thaiday said. The Sunday Footy Show.

“I think we kind of have to take a step back a bit. It was so in the first round they had taken a step forward, but then against the Titans they took two steps back which was a bit disappointing.

“I think seven minutes before halftime really hurt them against the Titans, they gave up very soft tries and then they continued their tail from that point on.

“I don’t think they have the depth in the roster right now to chase points. They have to try to really work hard to get into a showdown, to make sure they’re in there at a when they can score. points. “

Eel legend Peter Sterling said the situation is unlikely to change anytime soon.

“I think it will be like that for a while, I think there will be steps forward and steps back,” Sterling said.

“A lot of that has to do with the fact that they have such a young team that has been put together.

“It’s really tough, the only thing Kevin has to try is put old faces on young shoulders and it’s not easy to do.

“As far as Kevin is concerned, there is pressure because this is his first time [as head coach]. I know he’s a coach in the English Super League but it’s his first time in the NRL and it’s exhausting, especially when you don’t win games.

“It will be interesting to see how he handles this. There will be a grace period and then the pressure will build.

“But it’s a long journey, especially because he doesn’t have a lot of leaders at the club and there are a lot of young players who just haven’t been in this role before.”

NRL Presser: Broncos v Eels – Round 1- Kevin Walters

NSW and former Roosters coach Brad Fittler have said Payne Haas and Kotoni Staggs’ absence of injury is a big handicap for the Broncos.

“They are missing their top two players right now. There is no other team in the lineup that runs without its top two players,” said Fittler.

“They’re young guys, so I think what Sterlo said is [right]. How they got this list to the point where they have very little experience there is the biggest flaw.

“Chris Anderson always said you’ve never coached unless you’ve lost four in a row. So, Kevvy, wait my brother. Hang on. You’ll be right. I’m telling you, when you lose four. … “

Sterling said all was not bad for Brisbane.

“There have been some encouraging signs in there and you have to take them and you have to lean on them,” he said.

“The problem for this team is that they don’t have resilience yet and games are slipping away quickly. The first two weeks of this year they competed but all of a sudden …

“When you play you want to score and then you want to come back to back to back, then you want to come back to back to back. Conversely, when the opposition scores, you want to make sure they get just one. only try and you are the next to score.

“In the last two weeks they’ve conceded four tries in a row and all of a sudden the scoreboard is messed up.”

The Broncos’ woes escalated last week when much-loved young full-back Reece Walsh chose to sign with the New Zealand Warriors, despite having long been labeled as a future NRL star in Brisbane.

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