Thursday, November 30, 2023

NRL News Peter V’landys admits Melbourne Storm may be forced to move

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ARL Commission Chairman Peter V’landys has revealed that the Melbourne storm could be transferred to NSW amid Victoria’s latest COVID-19 peak.

In high profile meetings to be held today, V’landys has confirmed that the league will explore the possibility of moving the Storm to NSW to avoid any complications with border restrictions as the start of the 2021 season approaches.

Seven Storm players were wiped out of the All Stars game amid the instant state lockdown, and Nine’s Danny Weidler revealed the league is now considering moving the entire club so as not to put the league in jeopardy .

“The NRL is seriously considering moving Storm out of Victoria today due to concerns about the virus. Move on to NSW. Meetings today,” Weidler tweeted.

Speaking to SEN 1170 Breakfast, V’landys reported the possibility of moving the Storm on Monday.

“We’re going to watch the Melbourne Storm today,” V’landys said.

“We can take them out and bring them to a seaside resort in New South Wales where they can train in isolation.

“There is a possibility at some point that the borders of New South Wales and Victoria may close, and we cannot take that risk.

“We have to be two or three steps ahead, we did it last year, and we hope to be again this year.

“We have strategies for all scenarios, we are ready.”

V’landys revealed that the NRL has its own expert in contact with health officials in both states and is seeking advice on how to act.

“We have our own expert who keeps in touch with the health authorities. We get very good information and we have set ourselves three options,” he said.

“One option at the moment was for our players to have normal lives – maybe they went out the window with what happened in Victoria.

“We have an average scenario, where we give the players some freedoms and not as severe as they were last year. The third was what we had last year.

“What will change everything is the vaccine and the success of the deployment.”

As it stands, the Melbourne Storm are still allowed to train and their test match against the Knights does not appear to be in jeopardy.


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