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Of course, the Hot Wheels Cybertruck was delayed

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Tesla is known for delivering its electric vehicles a little later than expected. So it’s strange to hear that the toy versions of the Cybertruck won’t arrive on time either. As Bloomberg Reports, two remote-controlled trucks developed by Mattel, the US giant behind Hot Wheels and Barbie, were due to ship this month. Due to an “unforeseen production issue,” the company explained in an email to customers, the targeted delivery date has been moved to May 2021. This isn’t the best news if you were hoping to deliver one. during the holiday season.

Mattel remote control cars were announced in February. One is a 1:64 recreation which costs $ 19.99, while the other is a significantly larger 1:10 version this will set you back $ 399.99. Both are currently listed as out of stock on the Hot Wheels Collectors website. The real Cybertruck, meanwhile, was officially revealed in November 2019 at an event in Los Angeles. (It was also at this time that the main designers of the car smashed two of its “armored glass” windows Production of the dual-engine ($ 49,900) and tri-engine ($ 69,900) variants is expected to begin late next year, followed by the single-engine version ($ 39,900) in 2022.


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