Thursday, December 1, 2022

Oklahoma wide receiver Spencer Jones chooses fight with MMA-trained person, almost loses his eye

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Catcher Spencer Jones was involved in an altercation in a bar bathroom in a video that surfaced on February 19. The video shows Jones telling another shorter man to “come out” in a bathroom in Norman, Okla. , with Jones eating a few punches and choking in the video.

Another man alongside Jones pushed the assailant, prompting the assailant and Jones to enter. The assailant attacks Jones repeatedly and brings him to the ground, as a separate fight erupts in the bathroom. Jones did himself a disservice, with the video showing no clear attempt at de-escalation.

Disclaimer: The video contains NSFW language and violence.

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Jones’ lawyer said the broad underwent surgery to repair his orbital bone, and that he nearly lost an eye in the scuffle. For TMZ, The Norman police are leading a criminal investigation into the fight.

One of the men in the fight was the brother of Braden Brown, who says they had been training in combat for almost a decade. He also said they were “showing restraint” in the fight.

Jones, a senior redshirt, is expected to make a full recovery.


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