Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Owner Daryl Ward in dispute with Racing Australia after giving sexually explicit names to racehorses

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Whether you are an avid forms reader or the kind of person who chooses a horse by color or name, everyone is aware of hearing a hilarious or ironic name and throwing a tenner at it.

A Queensland racehorse owner hilariously named two of his horses, which got him in trouble with Racing Australia.

Darryl Ward has two horses that raced in Deagon in South East Queensland under the names “Lovin ‘Deqoque” and “Get On Deqoque”.

The names were quickly reported on social media, leaving punters in trouble.

Both horses were beaten by Bobby El-Issa, “Lovin ‘Deqoque” finished fourth in the eighth race and “Get On Deqoque” second in the ninth race.

In a hilarious twist, Racing Australia CEO Myles Forman tried to explain in an interview that the names were actually pronounced differently than everyone else thought.

Forman claimed that the names were actually “Lovin ‘De-quo” and “Get On De-quo”.

“In this case, we were convinced it should be pronounced De-quo,” Forman said.

“Therefore, there is nothing here that worries Racing Australia.”

But Forman changed his mind today.

“Racing Australia has now reviewed the names, and however they are meant to be pronounced, are working with the owner to have the names of the horses changed before the next race,” Forman told 7NEWS.com.au.

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