Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pacer now available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One

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Welcome to the Pacer World Championship, pilots! Pacer is now available on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One and I couldn’t be more excited with the Xbox community to join the race and experience the thrill (and speed!) Of high octane anti-gravity combat racing.

It is 2075. You are a new driver on the starting grid, ready to face all the challengers to make your name and become the Pacer World Champion. With race tracks, visuals and audio design as intense as the list of over 80 songs, there is something for everyone in what I call a love letter to the Golden Age. of races AG. Pacer takes a classic, fast formula and improves it with a massive amount of custom features and settings to customize the experience to your liking.

Want to know what it’s like to run at 1000 km / h? In Pacer, personalization and speed are the key words. Enter your garage and you’ll discover 5 unique craft to choose from, along with a full line of skins and accessories to set you apart from other pilots online and offline. Dive deeper and you’ll find a great collection of weapons and defenses to equip on your ship that can be further tweaked with behavioral mods, as well as performance mods that change the way your craft works, including braking, handling, engine and (my favorite!) anti-gravity lift.

But all of this is going to cost you dearly. You will earn credits by participating in the campaign, proving your skills online or participating in one of 8 racing modes, including the unique ‘Storm’ track battle royale mode. Choose to enable or disable weapons, set the number of turns, enable or disable collisions and even create custom music playlists with in-game soundtrack. With 14 racing locations (without count inverted, mirrored, day and night variants) and 4 speed classes to choose from (F3000, F2000, F1000 up to “Elite” for absolute speed freaks), the personal touch goes far beyond just your artisanal customization.

Okay, you have selected your profession, your equipment, your type of race, your speed class and your circuit. Now what? On the track, you’ll face up to 9 other pilots online or offline, where it’s up to you to decide where to use your speed boosts, when to fly over weapon or shield pickups, and whether to leave your rivals. in the dust – or in the flames.

Whether you’re there for extreme speed, high octane combat, leaderboard glory, or the personalized experience, Pacer is a destructive and futuristic runner who has you covered. Can’t wait to see you on the track, if you can catch me!

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$ 39.99

$ 31.99

With the depth of a simulation and the excitement and combat of arcade racers, PACER® provides a true test of player skills, reflexes and strategy. Choose from 4 speed classes ranging from 400 km / h to 1000 km / h, then take part in the campaign or single-player race through 8 different game modes. Prepare to face your opponents on 14 unique and challenging tracks with interchangeable variations (night, mirror, reverse). Take control of 5 different Crafting and 11 weapons, each with their own unique characteristics. The garage allows you to fully customize your look and adjust many performance and weapon settings. Online multiplayer supports up to 10 players, 7 game modes, matchmaking, world leaderboards, spectator mode and VOIP. Create a playlist from over 80 songs, including original tracks from CoLD SToRAGE and an extensive licensed library of named artists.


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