Monday, February 6, 2023

Patrick Mahomes’ mother was not happy with the blow that injured QB: ‘Trash football’

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There is nothing like the love of a mother – or the contempt of a mother.

Randi Mahomes, mother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, was like all viewers who watched QB fight to get up on Sunday afternoon: worried, worried and a little angry with Mahomes leaving the field.

But mom Mahomes took it a step further and took to Twitter to question the stunt that sidelined her son – and berated the player who did it in the same 240 characters:

“# 51 Wilson, that’s leading trash football with a helmet, pulling his head and pushing the helmet… why aren’t you kicked out! ?? Go NFL,” the tweet read.

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Mahomes received a blow from linebacker Mack Wilson that left him dizzy and wobbly as he tried to get up, eventually needing the help of KC’s medics to get off the pitch. Mahomes would go into concussion protocol and his status for this Sunday’s game against the Bills is uncertain.

There was no flag on the coin, as it was unclear which rule, if any, Wilson was breaking on the spot. Slow-motion replays revealed that Wilson’s helmet was in contact with Mahomes’ shoulder pads. Most viewers attributed the incident to just playing soccer.

Mahomes harbored no ill will towards Wilson, who apologized after the game:

The Chiefs would win on Sunday with the heroism of backup quarterback Chad Henne, who helped secure Kansas City’s ticket to the AFC championship game.


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