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Peacock reveals an unprecedented cold opening of the office

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After leaving Netflix in the United States, Office officially switched to NBC’s Peacock streaming service. As part of the celebration, NBC unveiled a never-before-seen open open that is sure to be a hit with fans. Twitter By Peacock, the clip features Dwight being once again being pranked by Jim as he is tricked into believing he’s in The Matrix.

Much like the 1999 film it is based on, Dwight receives a message on his computer from a mysterious individual informing him that the two will meet soon. He soon discovers that Dunder Mifflin’s security guard, Hank, is actually called Dorpheus, brother of Morpheus (played by Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix), who gives Dwight the option of taking the Red Pill or the Blue Pill.

This is just one of the many never-before-seen scenes available to watch on Peacock. Currently, seasons 1 and 2 are available for free on the streaming service, while Seasons 3-9 are locked behind Peacock’s premium tier.There are also 23 extended episodes dubbed The Office: Superfan Episodes with longer run times and previously cut footage.

The Office has a dedicated fan base that has only grown since the series ended nearly ten years ago. It was one of the most popular shows on Netflix in 2020, appearing most frequently in their daily Top 10 list according to Reelgood tracker rankings.

Even more, Brian Baumgartner (who played Kevin Malone), was the highest paying celebrity on video sharing service Cameo, earning over $ 1 million in 2020.

Everything That Happens To NBCUniversal’s Peacock

If you fancy more of The Office, check out our ranking of the 10 best episodes of The Office as good as the show’s original auditions with Seth Rogen and Bob Odenkirk, among others.

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