Thursday, March 23, 2023

Prepare for a cold sun in the new season of Warface: Breakout

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  • Battle on the new Outskirts map in the latest free seasonal update
  • Try out changes to scopes and new weapon trinkets
  • Team Deathmatch mode arrives during Christmas time

There is a cold front coming, and you will have to fight if you want to survive the winter. Cold Sun is the third season of Warface: escape, and it’s packed with new and exclusive rewards to unlock, features to try, and icy places to master.

Outskirts is a new card available with Cold Sun. Located far from the city streets at the foot of a large mountain, dive into this snowy village for a shock of sub zero action! Your tactical skills will be put to the test in this cold and ruthless environment, so be on your guard …

Warface: Breakout - Cold Sun

Make sure you’re ready for winter battles with a host of new Cold Sun-themed seasonal rewards, available for a limited time only. Fight to progress and unlock them, then customize your gear and watch with new armor, weapon skins, avatars, challenge cards, victory poses, and bomb skins! We’ve also added an additional customization option in the form of weapon trinkets.

Warface: Breakout - Cold Sun

Throughout this season, several new quality of life changes and features will be introduced. The redesigned weapon scope system is available now and lets you see what’s going on just outside the scope, allowing you greater awareness and making it harder for enemies to blow you up!

Warface: Breakout - Cold Sun

And finally, as Christmas approaches, you can definitely look forward to some goodies in Warface: Breakout! Fight over the holidays to unlock festive skins and other rewards, enjoy the holiday cheer as Outskirts get a Christmas makeover, and fight to survive in a brand new game mode: Team Deathmatch! Keep an eye on the game and through the official channels for when Santa drops these gifts.

Warface: Breakout - Cold Sun

Warface Escape is available for purchase from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, with the Cold Sun Seasonal Update available as a free download. The Cold Sun Cosmetic Pack is also available for purchase now, with the Freestyler (Reapers) and Icecap (Guardians) legendary character skins and a trio of exclusive weapon skins.

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Become the ultimate mercenary of tomorrow in Warface: Breakout, a tactical online first-person shooter where tight shooter and strategic team cooperation define the high-stakes PvP experience. Take part in fierce shootouts, make split-second decisions, and harness a vast arsenal of weapons to outsmart your opponents and secure victory.


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