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PS5 tips: hidden features and settings – PlayStation 5 wiki guide

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This part of the PlayStation 5 guide provides helpful tips and tricks that you might not know about your console. Here’s how to take advantage of these hidden settings and features of the PS5.

  • Don’t use the built-in mic to chat with friends: If you use your controller’s mic, vibration intensity and adaptive triggers are automatically less pronounced (set to low). As this is one of the most important features of the DualSense, it may be worth using a different mic so that you can fully enjoy the DualSense experience.
  • Press and hold the PlayStation button to automatically go home. Press the PlayStation button to bring up the Control Center as an overlay at the bottom of your screen, but holding it will take you straight home.
  • Hold the Create button to quickly take a screenshot or run another capture shortcut. You can change what the create button does in settings, including shortcuts for taking screenshots and videos, and the length of recent game clips (which can be up to an hour!)
  • Automatically set game difficulty, graphics mode, and camera movement for your games. If you are tired of having to set the same difficulty, graphics modes, and camera movement in every game, use the Game Presets option in Saved Data and Games / Apps settings to automatically configure each game with your favorite options every time.
  • View your reading statistics. Select your avatar icon from Home screen> Profile> Games to view your game hours, percentage completed, and more. You can even browse to see your friends’ stats (based on their privacy settings).
  • Put your controller on an inactivity timer to save battery power. By default, your controller is configured to never turn off, even when it is idle. Change it in 10 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes.
  • Adjust notifications (such as wishlist updates). By default, notifications such as wishlist updates are turned off during games, videos, and broadcasts. Adjust this, and other notifications, to match your preferences.
  • Stay away from spoilers. View saved data and apps section of your settings and adjust spoiler warnings to keep you from seeing anything you haven’t seen in a newcomer yet – in case your PSN friends can’t help but send you an amazing spoiler-filled screenshot. Likewise, if you are trying to live in a spoiler town, you can turn off these warnings.


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