Monday, September 25, 2023

Rane incorporates high-end technology into its first monoblock DJ controller

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There are two USB inputs making it easy to transfer to the next DJ without interrupting the music flow. You get XLR for the main and cabin outputs, with a bonus line / phono output. For DJs who like to connect turntables or other input devices into their setup, there are also dual line / phone inputs, so you can use the controller as a suitable mixer.

There are software effects buttons, loop controls, and performance pads linked to Serato’s Scratch Bank, for quick access to scratch samples. The acrylic disc has tail markings and there are complementary markings on the device to aid you in your scratching adventures. There is also an adjustable torque setting for the faux vinyl decks to seal the deal.

RANE ONE || Strong points

  • 7.2 “motorized platters with quick-release acrylic discs

  • RANE build quality and feeling of confidence

  • Instant Access FX Software with 2 Metal FX Palettes

  • Ultra-light MAG FOUR crossfader

  • High / low pass filter and 3-band equalizer

  • Dedicated loop controls

  • Independent multimode performance pads, including Serato strum banks

  • Turntable style start / stop

  • XLR Main & Booth outputs

  • (2) Line / phono inputs

  • (2) TRS / XLR microphone inputs

  • (2) USB connections to a computer

  • Portable DJ controller (24 lbs / 10 kg)

  • Serato DJ Pro included (paid upgrade to Serato DVS)


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