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Razer Unveils RGB Face Mask and Immersive Gaming Chair Concepts

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Razer loves to go big at CES. Over the past few years, the company has shown everything from a tri-screen gaming laptop to an immersive racing simulator. This year, Razer is showcasing two concept projects: an immersive gaming chair and a high-tech face mask equipped, Razer’s style, with RGB lighting.

Razer CES 2021 – Project Hazel

Project Hazel is Razer’s take on a “smart” mask. It would use a removable and rechargeable active ventilation system to regulate airflow, with medical grade N95 respiratory protection to filter at least 95% of airborne particles. The design also features a transparent front panel so people can see your facial expressions or, when communicating with people who are deaf or hard of hearing, read your lips. The mask would also use “VoiceAmp” technology with a built-in microphone and amplifier to prevent the mask from drowning out your voice. And to top it off, of course, it features Razer Chroma RGB lighting.

Of course, to be clear, Project Hazel is just a concept project and it’s extremely unlikely to hit the market in its current form, if at all. That said, aside from the cheesy sci-fi aesthetic, it’s nice to see companies thinking about ways to deal with some of the common complaints about masks, given that they have become a staple part of the kit. everyday life.

Razer’s other concept this year is Project Brooklyn, an all-in-one immersive gaming chair. The idea is an ergonomic chair with integrated haptic feedback and a retractable, wrap-around curved screen. Visuals would be provided by a 60-inch roll-up OLED display that retracts and folds back into the chair when not in use. Likewise, the armrests adjust and retract as needed depending on whether you’re playing on PC with mouse and keyboard or console with a controller. Again, this is just a conceptual product that will likely never exist as an actual product, at least in its current form.

As for the actual products, at CES, Razer also showcased new versions of its Blade 15 and 17 gaming laptops, including with a new 1440p screen option.

Bo Moore is IGN’s Tech Editor. Follow him on twitter @usebomswately.


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