Monday, July 22, 2024

Reachy the robot can now be controlled via VR

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Last year at CES French startup Pollen Robotics has launched Reachy, an open-source humanoid robot (at least the top half) capable of performing a wide variety of tasks – from traditional R&D to product demonstrations and catering. This year, Reachy is back and more capable than ever. Rather than programming Reachy’s movements, users can now control the robot directly by simply donning a VR headset.

Once paired with Reachy, the user can see what the robot is seeing through its front cameras and control the robot’s arms through VR controllers for, for example, play a game of tic-tac-toe at CES. This method can also be used to quickly train Reachy in delicate tasks requiring fine motor control, rather than programming those movements manually. The company has also reportedly upgraded Reachy’s cameras and processor since last year, though Reachy will still set you back around $ 17,000.


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