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Really fun and useful Alexa skills

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Amazon Echo devices can do a lot of cool things out of the box, but if you want to add some extra features, you can turn to the Alexa Skills library. These mini-apps allow you to add new voice commands, connect to third-party apps, and even play games. There’s just one problem: a lot of them aren’t great. To cut it short, we’ve got a list of the best skills that are definitely worth activating on your Echo.

7 minute workout

Finding time to train during the day is one of those tasks that can seem more overwhelming than it actually is. 7 minute workout helps solve this problem by starting a short guided workout with just one voice command. Tell Alexa “Start a 7 Minute Workout” and she’ll walk you through a few simple workouts that won’t take a long time to complete.

Headspace: guided meditation

Meditation can have a profound impact on your health, but it’s not easy for most people to do it on their own. This is where guided meditation apps like Head space are useful. Tell Alexa you’re ready to meditate, and the service will begin teaching you how to relax, focus, and focus. You will need to have a Headspace account in the usual app, but once everything is set up you can start a meditation session without touching your phone.

All Recipes

Speakers and smart displays are great kitchen companions because they can walk you through the process of preparing a recipe. Which makes All Recipes one of the most useful skills you can activate. This skill will walk you through the recipes she finds online or the ones you have saved in your personal cookbook.

Our grocery stores

A useful companion app for AllRecipes, the Our grocery stores skill allows you to keep track of the groceries you currently have in your pantry, add items to your shopping list, and delete items as you use them. If you’re already using Alexa to help keep track of your recipes and cooking, it’s not too far off to track your groceries as well, and you’ll never have to wonder if you’ve ever had to. milk in the refrigerator.


If you want to make a cocktail, but don’t know what to do with what you have in stock, Mixologist can help. It can find cocktails by name, search for drinks that use a specific ingredient you have (like rum or tequila), or find a random drink that you may not have tried before. It’s a convenient way to branch out with your drink menu without much effort.

Uber / Elevator

When you’re about to leave home and need to call a cab, Alexa can help you Uber or Elevator with just one command. Both apps allow users to request different types of rides (including budget or premium rides) or check the status of your ride. Lyft even lets you rate your driver after they drop you off. Just make sure that Alexa hear that five star rating correctly.

Ask my boyfriend

Alexa has controls that let you send messages or call people, but they can be finicky. It is good for daily communication, but Ask my boyfriend is designed to keep things simple with one goal: emergency messages. You can set this skill to text or call a specific person when you say, “Alexa, ask my friend to send you help.” This is useful if you have someone who has difficulty moving around the house and who could only call for help but not reach for a phone.

Tint / LIFX

One of the most practical use cases for a smart speaker is being able to control your lights with your voice. With smart light skills like those for Philips Hue or LIFX, you can set light brightness levels, change colors, and turn lights on and off using voice commands. Once you’ve turned off your bedroom lights under the comfy blankets, it’s hard to get back to anything else.

Sounds of sleep and relaxation

If you have a Spotify or Amazon Music account, you might already have access to a library of white noise sounds that you can play in the background or while you’re trying to sleep. However, you don’t need to pay for a separate service. Sounds of sleep and relaxation comes with a library of ambient sounds like rain, cicadas, train rides, or a variety of other soundscapes that you can activate with a command.


One of the most popular game shows in television history, Danger at his own Alexa skill that you can use to play along with the episode currently playing. Each day of the week, the skill offers follow-up questions that match the episode’s categories, so you can play the game.

Skyrim very special edition

In a similar category of fun Alexa skills, Skyrim very special edition is a version of the popular fantasy role-playing game that everyone thought it was a joke, until it does not. You can activate the skill and complete quests, fight and explore the land of Skyrim, all using voice commands and verbal descriptions. He has a feel of one of these old school text adventure games, with a modern touch.

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