Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Redditor squeezes entire movies onto a single floppy disk

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To play this ultra-janky take on the movie, u / GreedyPaint hooked up a floppy drive to a Raspberry Pi as part of a custom VCR system they call the LimaTek Diskmaster. When the device turns on, it displays a homemade animation that asks the Redditor to insert a disc. When they do, the movie plays automatically.

You can watch a video of u / GreedyPaint’s contraption in action on Reddit. Considering the immense compression at work, the sound and audio quality takes a major hit. Some would say, however, that this is the best “All Star” from Smash Mouth that has ever sounded.

This version of Shrek looks even worse than on the Game Boy Advance Video version, although it had a 112p resolution. Meanwhile, for their next turn, u / GreedyPaint is look for ways to stuff a film on another vintage medium: a vinyl record.


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