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Rishabh Pant wrestling Australia v India cricket Ian Chappell analyzes

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Former Test captain Ian Chappell has said Rishabh Pant deserves to be released for his role in the Will Pucovski controversy at SCG on day one.

King of the spin Shane Warne was particularly scathing towards the Indian wicket keeper, who appeared to falsely claim a grip when debutant Pucovski was on 32 in the opening rounds of the third test.

The social media guy also stacked up, but Chappell said the jolly glove wasn’t a villain.

“I don’t agree that he claimed it,” Chappell said Great world of sport after Australia fell to 2-166 on a day of reduced rain.

“If you look at the way he threw the ball I thought it was more or less disgusted and it was the guys around him who wouldn’t have had such good eyesight who were clamoring for the hold.

“And also keep in mind that the referee’s soft signal was out.

Pucovski’s Elegant Debut Ends

“So I don’t agree that he was claiming the catch, I think he was disappointed he didn’t catch it.”

Respected Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle noted that the third referee canceled the no-exit signal, although there was not necessarily clear video evidence to do so.

“I thought he claimed it, so I just assumed he must have caught it,” Pucovski told reporters after scoring a nice 62.

“Maybe I trust people too much.

“It was pretty cool to be called back.

“You go from the utter disappointment of being out there to the great thing of having another chance.”

Chappell said he had no problem with Pant not telling the referees that he hadn’t caught him.

“I mean yes, he sure would have had a chance to turn around and say ‘I didn’t catch him’.

“But I think in a situation like this, when a lot of guys start patting you on the back and telling you that you grabbed it, there might be a moment of hesitation thinking, ‘oh my god. , did I catch it? ‘

“So I didn’t have a problem with that.

“I didn’t think he was really asking for it.

“If you look at the way he threw the ball, it was more disgust to me than joy.

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