Friday, March 31, 2023

Roku Acquires Quibi Library of Over 75 Shows, Boosting Free Streaming Service

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Roku officially acquired Quibi’s content library less than three months later small size entertainment streaming service is shut down.According to The Hollywood Reporter, Roku has now purchased the exclusive global distribution rights to more than 75 short shows in an effort to expand the company’s ad-supported free offering on The Roku Channel. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, however, a source close to the deal reportedly valued the content library at “well under $ 100 million”.

the Blog year notes that “The Quick Bites and Big Stories Made Famous on Quibi” will be available to stream on The Roku Channel later this year, giving audiences access to “hundreds of hours of new content,” which will be free to watch on the platform. The catalog includes everything from Sophie Turner’s Survive thriller to Chrissy Teigen’s audience comedy Chrissy’s Court.In addition to content released on Quibi last year, Roku has acquired the rights to “more than a dozen shows” that were never shown on the now-defunct platform, which will be available for the first time in the United States, Canada and the United States. United Kingdom. These programs, for Variety, include Spielberg’s After Dark, a horror series created by Steven Spielberg, and lso Slugfest, a Russo Brothers documentary series.

“We are delighted that these stories, from the surreal to the sublime, have found a new place on The Roku Channel,” Quibi co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg said in a statement.

When Quibi debuted in April 2020, co-founder Jeffery Katzenberg told the Los Angeles Times he hoped the streamer would become “the third generation of cinematic storytelling,” combining the strengths of movies and episodic television into one cohesive force. The service was launched with $ 2 billion in financial resources, but the company eventually saw diminishing returns.

Quibi Movies and TV Shows Review

After six months, Katzenberg and Quibi CEO Meg Whitman announced that the streamer was shutting down, shortly after news broke on a potential takeover or merger. The two released a official statement and an apology for shutting down the platform, in which they expressed gratitude to the Quibi team for pouring their “blood, sweat and tears” into the business.

To find out more about Quibi and its offer, see our review of the short-lived streaming service.

Adele Ankers is a freelance entertainment journalist. You can reach her on Twitter.


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