Friday, March 24, 2023

Shane Warne reveals the ‘inspiration’ behind Peaky Blinders hat

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Shane Warne provided a glimpse of the inspiration behind the Peaky Blinders style hat he recently wore on the Fox Cricket test cover.

Warne started wearing the hat earlier in the series, and fans quickly drew comparisons to the British TV series currently airing on Netflix in Australia.

Fans also initially had a theory that Warne botched a hairstyle, or completely lost his hair, when the hat was first seen, but the champion spinner wasted no time debunking this theory when one asked him to explain the hat by Mark Howard of Fox Cricket. .

“There is nothing wrong with the hair, the hair looks great,” he says.

“The inspiration came when we played golf in the Cathedral Cup, there was a red team against a blue team.

“As you can see on the back of the cap, there are red dogs. The red team, we all played in the cap, I liked it, and I love Peaky Blinders so I thought it didn’t. I didn’t mind and I could wear it to see if people like it and if others liked it, so I kept wearing it.

“I want to be in Peaky Blinders. Please can I be in Peaky Blinders? Some kind of role, I would really like that.

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