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Shotzi Blackheart reconsiders his Tough Enough disqualification

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Shotzi Blackheart was eliminated from WWE Quite difficult in 2015 due to his heart disease at the time. The NXT superstar recently recalled his elimination from Tough Enough and provided some heartwarming words for his young self.

Blackheart was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat while on the WWE reality show six years ago. She failed her medical exam and was told she couldn’t continue, making her visibly distraught.

Addressing this part of her past on Twitter, Shotzi Blackheart took comfort in a light-hearted way.

“It’s ok, little bye, we’re having fun and riding tanks now.” @WWENXT

Shotzi Blackheart has vowed to return to WWE

As part of the show, Shotzi Blackheart had to passionately explain why she should stay on Tough Enough. She opened in a heartfelt speech about why she needed to stay, saying she had a lot more to present.

“I have more to give. I’m a wrestler. And you haven’t seen a wrestling I can do. I want to show you what I can do in the ring. I haven’t done it yet. you guys kept me here and I won, I would wrestle until 80. That’s how much I love wrestling. I have it. I’m a bada **. I’m b * llsy. I’m here to win. “

Chris Jericho sent Shotzi Blackheart to the show after his inspirational speech. The medical team then revealed that they discovered a heart problem. Therefore, she could not continue with Tough Enough as she was “medically disqualified” from the show.

Blackheart collapsed completely after that, obviously heartbroken to be disqualified. Lita told her to come back and show what she can do when she is healthy. She then promised that she would come back.

Luckily for everyone, that was a promise Shotzi Blackheart was able to keep. In WWE now, not only is she healthy, but she’s also one of the most unique characters in NXT.

Blackheart said she had a lot more to show everyone in WWE when she was first disqualified from Tough Enough. This is exactly what she started to do in her wrestling career.

Posted on Mar 02, 2021, 05:38 AM


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