Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Sling TV users can now add NHL Center Ice to their plan for $ 29 per month

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As the shortened 56-game NHL season kicked off last week, Sling TV East addition of NHL Center Ice so you can follow all the action until May, when the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin. The $ 29 monthly add-on lets you watch up to 40 regular season games off the market in a week. In short, it’s a way of seeing the games that NBC, CNBC, the NHL Network, and your local broadcaster aren’t showing. It is separate from NHL Live, which is the equivalent of the National Hockey League streaming-only services like NBA League Pass.

You can add NHL Center Ice to your existing Sling subscription or grab it as a standalone component. Previously, subscribing to NHL Center Ice meant contacting your cable or satellite provider, making Sling the first streaming TV service to offer Center Ice. If you’re a puck head, keep in mind that NHL Center Ice isn’t the only way to catch hockey through serve. Sling includes the NHL network in its $ 10 “Additional sports“add-on. This package includes 13 other channels including NBA TV and MLB Network. It’s also worth pointing out that Sling’s $ 30 Orange Tier comes with ESPN, ESPN 2, and ESPN 3, so if variety is it? you’re looking for, there are better options, but if you or a family member enjoys hockey, this is one way to catch yourself without trying your hand at a cable or satellite provider.


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