Friday, March 31, 2023

SolarWinds hackers also targeted CrowdStrike

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The group behind the SolarWinds hack also attempted to compromise a leading security company. CrowdStrike say now that she too was the target of the group. According to CrowdStrike, the attempt took place “for a period of 17 hours several months ago,” when hackers attempted to gain access to the company’s email.

Although CrowdStrike claims the attempt was ultimately unsuccessful, it offers additional insight into the scale of the hack operation, which U.S. government officials have attributed to Russia. Like Reuters points out, SolarWinds is to date the only company known to have been successfully targeted by the group. The company’s Orion software, widely used by large corporations and U.S. government agencies, has been compromised, giving hackers potential access to email and other sensitive data.


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