Thursday, March 30, 2023

Sony finds a home for Crystal LED screens – virtual backgrounds

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Its professional display arm unveiled two versions of the screens, a C and B series, which are respectively rotated for high contrast of 1,000,000: 1 or high brightness. The 1800 cd / m2 B-Series was developed with Sony Pictures specifically for use as a studio backdrop without showing reflections, while the C-Series is more intended for installation in halls or showrooms. . They use the same processing as Sony TVs, with the ability to handle HDR, 120 fps, and 3D video sources.

There is no word on the prices, but a massive 4K display Sony brought to CES to play PS4 games in 2019 would have cost around $ 800,000. Still, finding more uses for the technology, which uses ultra-thin LED elements mounted on each color for virtually unmatched contrast, could make it slightly more realistic for installation in a home theater setup.


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