Sunday, August 14, 2022

SpaceX Starship launch reportedly violated FAA license

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Elon Musk is clearly not happy with the FAA, whatever the problem. The founder of SpaceX recently accused FAA to have a “fundamentally broken” approach to regulating spaceflight that was aimed at a small number of non-reusable launches from government platforms. In other words, he suggested that SpaceX’s targets for fast reusable privately launched rockets were ahead of an outdated FAA approach.

SpaceX is no stranger to confrontation with the US government. He sued the United States in 2014 for the right to compete for military launches, and continued again in 2019 on “wrongly awarded” rocket contracts. The company hasn’t hinted at a legal battle over Starship, but it’s evident Musk and his crew are determined to keep their next-gen rocket on track.


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