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STALKER 2 Development Update: Gameplay Teaser and New Hero

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Hi all!

GSC Game World here.

The beginning STALKER 2 The Xbox Games Showcase trailer focused on the atmosphere. We’ve made quite a bit of progress since July and decided to move forward by sharing an in-engine gameplay teaser. Sounds like a great way to start a new year, right?

Just imagine.

A long and tedious road.

The hostile and treacherous zone.

Incredible treasures that could cost you everything. A blood test, separating your old life from a new one …

It’s time to find out how the game feels. Rapid changes of scenery, disturbing landscapes and the ever-present feeling of inevitable danger.

You see this world through the eyes of a stalker named Skif remember the code name, you will hear it a lot. Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, STALKER 2 introduces a brand new main protagonist. Its actions will shape the new great chapter in the history of the Zone.

The short scene takes place in the ruined school on the outskirts of the dead town of Pripyat. It is an extremely dangerous place, and no one would like to be here of their own accord. Still, the place doesn’t seem completely abandoned: there’s a freshly lit fire with a guitar nearby. However, Skif hardly has time to admit it: he seems in a hurry. Seems like an inevitable danger follows him.

And here it is: a show. A signature forming part of the STALKER series, a powerful release of abnormal energy from the center of the area. The shows happen every now and then and they are extremely dangerous – they can kill you in the blink of an eye. When a stalker notices the start of a show, he must immediately hide and wait for the end, hoping he can pass. This is why Skif is in a hurry: he is certainly looking for cover in the next building.

The situation is far from certain, however: the building is half ruined and the PDA does not seem to work: the signal is lost. All in all, it’s easy to overlook someone hiding in the shadows. He looks familiar, however …

Some of our fans may recognize the barely distinguishable guitar pattern. If this tune evokes your feelings of nostalgia, it’s because it’s taken from a “Safety rope” song by the famous Russian rock band Splean. We found it perfectly suited to the scene we created. If this is your first time hearing this tune, we recommend listening to the full version it is sad and moving at the same time. And extremely eye-catching, if you ask us.

Finally, we would like to end this update with a state of development. We are progressing smoothly, including Xbox Series X releases | S also. The goal is to deliver the highest quality product possible on each platform for which it is advertised. With a fast SSD, RTX support (both X and S series) and 4K resolution (X series), we’re excited to see how STALKER 2 is fast becoming the ultimate experience we originally promised.

The exact release date of STALKER 2 has not yet been announced by GSC Game World. But you can be sure the game will hit Xbox Game Pass on day one. We are more than thrilled that all new Xbox fans to experience it STALKER for the first time.

Thank you for your attention and happy new year! You have earned it.


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