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Stocks to watch under a Biden presidency

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Hello. It’s official: Janet Yellen has been confirmed as the next Treasury Secretary, a familiar face to investors. Sadly, US futures are under pressure this morning ahead of a big day of profits. Microsoft, Visa and Johnson & johnson all report in the next few hours.

In today’s essay, I’m trying something different. A pro at wealth management joins us in sharing five stocks to watch under Biden’s presidency.

But first, let’s see what is moving the markets.

Market update


  • The mainAsia Indexare flooded with red in the afternoon when trading with Hong Kong Hang Seng down2.5%, dropping Monday’s gains. My darling from yesterday, Tencent Holdings, is the big loser today.
  • Asian investors are scared by new warnings from a giant asset bubble train after Chinese central bank Tuesday took billions of cash out of the banking system.
  • A prize for bravery at Greater bay airlines—Hong Kong-based budget firm just proclaimed he is ready to launch his low-cost airline business, the most unlikely of pandemic startups.


  • the European scholarships were flat on the doors with the Stoxx Europe 600 down 0.03% in the open air, before climbing.
  • Swiss bank UBS East planning an unusual move to Europe these days: a major share buyback after reporting a huge background beat. The stock was up 3.9% on the news.
  • With new lockdowns looming across the continent, there are a confrontational brew between the European Union and the drug manufacturer AstraZeneca on promised COVID vaccine shipments. To recap: the EU is well behind the US and UK in vaccine distribution and now faces some unforeseen events supply shortages.


  • American Futurespoint to a low opening. It is after the S&P 500 and Nasdaq closed in record territory on Monday.
  • Yesterday’s big action was in the “short stocks” trash. Day traders almost certainly play with fire as they to bid some of the market misfits, especially GameStop, AMC Entertainment, and Bed Bath & Beyond – in an effort to sink hedge funds and activist shorts. Trading in GameStop, for its part, had to be halted Nine times yesterday. Alas, GME Shares are almost standing 16% this morning in pre-market trading.
  • All this speculative military retail trade is scaring investment professionals. Julian Emanuel from BTIG tell CNBC such volatility could be a sign 10-15% market decline is in the cards.
  • More stimulus East unlikely before March, Senate Majority Leader Chuck schumer said. The futures market this morning is not impressed with this timing.

Somewhere else

  • Gold is down, exchange $ 1850 / ounce.
  • the dollar is up while stocks are falling.
  • Gross is in place, with Brent to negotiate $ 56 / barrel.
  • From 9 a.m. Rome time Bitcoin was almost down 6%, at $ 31,300. It is after a new call for Bitcoin 50K.


Turn a blue wave into a green wave

It’s a new year and so I would like to try something different in this space every now and then. As such, I plan to showcase the smart thinking of some investment professionals whose market analysis has caught my attention.

And that brings me to Bryan lee, director of investments at Blue Zone Wealth Advisors, based in California. Lee shares some suggestions for your portfolio in this essay, which I’ve edited slightly for brevity:

5 stocks that could thrive under a Biden presidency

Figuring out which companies offer the best investment promise under a Biden presidency is a current priority for all of us, hoping to reap the benefits, invest for retirement, enjoy the future we know has. will eventually provide the opportunity to socialize, travel and freely enjoy our favorite hobbies once again. Let’s take a look at five of the stocks that could be most likely to thrive under Joe Biden as U.S. CEO.


Air Products & Chemicals will help boost the green economy through its strong presence in hydrogen nationally and globally. Growth, profitability and stability are three reasons to invest in airline products.

APD provides customers with a reliable supply of syngas. This enables the production of high value products from low value raw materials. The company manages gasification projects around the world, garnering highly secure returns via carefully screened clients and stellar project execution.Gasification, carbon capture and hydrogen are in demand as America and the world go green.

The two main reasons why APD looks promising in the global market are the desire of countries with huge coal reserves to reduce dependence on imported oil and the concentration of countries rich in natural gas: to convert this resource into liquid fuel or gas. other valuable chemicals. In addition, to remain profitable, refineries must strive to be efficient in converting low value heavy residues into usable products.

Hydrogen powered vehicles are experiencing an exponential increase in interest. APD takes the lead in hydrogen refueling infrastructure and hydrogen energy services and equipment. The priorities of the Biden presidency, already declared by the administration, are green energy and the promotion of industrial practices like these, which will reduce pollution and climate change.


Vaccine deployment will remain a priority until 2021. Future scientific research and development to mitigate or stem current and future global pandemics will be at the center of Biden’s presidency. Increased funding will be supplied by companies based on pharmaceutical and biotechnology research for a few years. TMO specializes in services to the best researchers.Thermo Fisher Scientificis definitely a stock to watch, according to many investment professionals.


The company gained notoriety for its focus on cybersecurity for the Biden administration following the SolarWinds hack. The company specializes in identity management and cloud access. The cloud security industry is booming as more Americans work from home. This means success for those concerned with protecting the information stored and transferred in this way. OKTA has become a dominant supplier in the field; it is currently a promising choice for investors.


A supplier of the software used by the government For managing patient data on the vaccine front, CRM is gaining attention and enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a leader in customer relationship management. CRM systems help businesses manage customer data effectively; an unquestionably essential function for any business today.

CRMof Salesforce supports sales management covers all bases. The system provides the information needed for effective planning and integrates with social media. He helps the different teams of the company to communicate effectively, to stay on the same wavelength. Cloud-based CRM systems provide full mobility and access to applications. CRM is in the spotlight and could be a good bet for investors in 2021 and potentially the next four years.


Alibaba Groupaims to make doing business easier everywhere. The perception of looser rules and lower tariffs on the Chinese economy and the expectation of generally better relations with China promise to make BABA stock a good bet for a hike during Biden’s presidency.

The company specializes in providing technology, infrastructure and marketing methods to help merchants, brands and other businesses use the power of new technologies to interact with users and customers around the world, their thus allowing to function and interact in a more efficient way. Globalization is necessary in today’s economy. As more companies seek global markets, BABA stock is expected to rise dramatically.

—Bryan Lee

Note: Do you have any proprietary market research or forward looking analysis that you would like me to feature here in this section? (Additional points if you have designed a graph or table to illustrate your ideas). If so, send me an email with the subject line: “Bull Sheet Guest Test”.


Have a very good day everyone. I’ll see you here tomorrow… Until then, there’s more news below.

Bernhard Warner

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