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Stone-Fiction Platformer Jet Kave Adventure Now Available

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One of the greatest driving forces of humanity is… curiosity. And that’s exactly what led our prehistoric protagonist to find a jetpack left behind by an alien invader.

In Jet Kave Adventure, Stone Age meets science fiction. We tell the story of Kave, a chief banished by his own tribe. When you meet him, Kave wanders aimlessly through a canyon until he comes across a destroyed spaceship. Instead of running away, his curiosity compels him to spy on the alien trying to repair the ship, for which he almost pays the ultimate price.

When Kave arrives, he scours the wreckage and finds a working jetpack. He also learns of the alien’s plans to destroy the island. Between this knowledge and new alien technology, he quickly transforms from exile into the only caveman to stand a chance against the alien threat …

With Jet Kave Adventure, we wanted to create a game that combines everything fans love about 2.5D platforms. So we have implemented a lot of skill based actions with the jetpack platform at the core. We’ve crafted challenging boss fights, clever secrets, and thrilling sets on carefully placed collectibles to test your keen eye and quick reflexes. Most importantly, though, we made sure the gameplay had a flow – if you’re good enough, you can find a beat in each level and complete it virtually without stopping.

Jet Kave Adventure

While our game was inspired by the prehistoric-themed platforms we enjoyed in our younger years, it also offers a lot of modern solutions. The two examples I would like to highlight are achievements and online rankings.

They may not seem like much at first, but we’ve thought a lot to make them a worthwhile addition to the game. Some of the achievements are difficult, some are secret, some are unconventional, but they are all designed to help you extract everything. Game mechanics. Leaderboards, on the other hand, allow you to compare your skills and those of your friends in three categories: Time Challenge, Collectible, and Damage Free, adding a competitive layer to the platform.

Jet Kave Adventure

And if you’re looking for a more old-school difficulty level, we’ve got you covered with Arcade Mode. This classic experience introduces a number of health system and checkpoint changes, increasing the chances of seeing the good old Game Over screen. It’s hard but fair!

Jet Kave Adventure is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S (thanks to backward compatibility), so without further ado, I sincerely invite you to join Kave in his quest to save his island and prove his worth to the tribe!

Xbox live

Jet Kave Adventure


$ 14.99

Jet Kave Adventure is a completely historically inaccurate yet very entertaining 2.5D adventure platformer game. Unfreeze your inner caveman and join the skill-based action! Your name is Kave, and you are the leader of your tribe – or rather you were until now. Banished by your own people, you come across … a jetpack! The device makes you the only caveman to stand a chance against the “alien invader” – a rather unfriendly guy from the sky who will easily set off a disastrous volcanic eruption just so he can fix his spaceship. Start your quest to save the whole island and prove your worth to the tribe! FEATURES: • Master jet platforms. It won’t be easy with the awkward movements of your caveman but try to do your best! • Jetpack through 36 colorful levels Travel through incredible side-scrolling landscapes riddled with danger and rich in secrets. • Slam and smash 30 types of enemies Fight a variety of prehistoric beasts and bosses using your trusty bone club. • Experience dizzying flight sequences and boss battles Fly over traps, smash through rock faces and defeat the most terrible enemies using your ever-improving skills. • Challenge yourself in ARCADE MODE Try the thrilling arcade-type experience, where you have a limited number of lives, and getting to the checkpoint no longer regenerates your health. Plus, extra lives can only be bought between levels, so if you lose them all, that means good old Game Over. It’s hard but fair. • Reach the top of the leaderboards Compete in Time, Collectible and No Damage challenges, and compete against other players for the highest possible score in the online leaderboards. • Find collectibles and upgrade your equipment Go back to the days when seashells were the only currency and collect as many to improve your strength. • Enjoy the unusual setting of Stone-Fiction Whether you are ready or not, the fate of your island now depends on you. So don your jet device and start your adventure in a world where the Stone Age and science fiction collide. • Collect various Achievements Some of these might look weird, but they’re all fun!


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