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Sydney Super Fight: Paul Fleming walks with Bruno Tarimo Aboriginal entrance

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Australian Paul Fleming may have seen his return to the ring deemed a non-contest due to a cut above his forehead, but his aboriginal-themed entry was a highlight for fans at the stadium Bankwest.

Flemming, who made his return to boxing after a two-year absence from the sport, saw his fight against Bruno Tarimo ruled a non-contest at the end of the third round following an accidental clash at the head.

The fight between the two was effectively deemed a technical draw with the medic forced to end the fight due to the nasty cut to Fleming’s forehead.

However, Fleming did give fans something to remember when he stepped into the ring with a traditional welcome as part of an Indigenous-inspired outing.

“It’s okay,” Main Event’s Ben Damon said on the coverage.

“As you can see, a very proud native fighter.”


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