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Tennis: Roger Federer’s big obstacle

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Former world No.1 Jim Courier admits Roger Federer could be forced to simply “kick people out of the field to prevent him from playing defense” if he is unable to recover his movement after multiple knee surgeries.

Federer at the end of last year was forced to withdraw from next month’s Australian Open, his team revealing that slower-than-expected recovery after knee surgery was ultimately too much of a task to overcome.

It is understood that Federer, who turns 40 in August, is aiming to make his return to tournaments leading up to the Australian Open. The Swiss maestro has not played a Grand Slam match since his semi-final loss to Novak Djokovic at Melbourne Park in early 2020.

When asked if Federer can appear on the pitch again, Courier said he has no doubts the 20-time Grand Slam winner could regain his form with the racquet.

“It will all depend on the position of his knee after having two surgeries last year,” Courier told 2GB. Wide World of Sports Radio.

“Is his movement going to give him the freedom to play the tennis he loves and has been so amazing about?”

“I truly believe his racquet skills will go nowhere despite not having played in a tournament since the Australian Open last year.

“I think he’s looking to come back inland for a while or maybe to Dubai, not too far away now.

“He just wasn’t quite ready to go here to Australia.”

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However, Courier conceded that if Federer’s movement was “limited” from his multiple knee surgeries, it could disrupt the Swiss departure on the defensive side, which would likely force a different style of play.

“It all comes down to his movement,” he added.

“If he can move, he will be able to play at a high level.

“If his movement is limited, he may have to come out and try to blast the people on the pitch to prevent him from playing defense.

“I hope he has a good chance at playing. Let’s see if he can extend this great race he’s in and make the semi-finals and the finals, and maybe even win another major.”

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