Thursday, September 28, 2023

Tesla Drops Forums, Pushes Fans To Take Political Action With Engage

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Tesla has created a new website for his fans, designed primarily to inspire them to take political action on his behalf. Double , he was spotted by and . The company said he made the platform “To create a digital foundation for all of our work and make it easier for members of the Tesla community to discover what is important to us, take meaningful action and stay informed.”

Tesla is pushing a handful of causes so far. We call on people to donate after the unprecedented winter storms that left much of the state without electricity. Texas, it should be noted, is home to its coming Austin Gigafactory, as well as the Space X facilities at Boca Chica. Again people who live in Nebraska to call on state lawmakers to support LB 633 – a bill that, if passed, would allow the company to sell its cars directly to its customers.

With the launch of Engage, the automaker is also ending its official forums. On March 15, they will go read-only. At this time, only the company can post new articles on Engage. But as a customer, you can create a profile and comment on their posts, as well as earn likes for your responses and follow other people. All of this makes Tesla Engage an individual copy of outgoing forums.


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