Friday, March 31, 2023

Tesla launches world’s largest supercharger station in Shanghai

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Tesla has launched the world’s largest supercharger station in China, the company said on Wiebo. The 72-booth facility in Shanghai easily surpasses the 56-booth station the company opened last month in Fresno County, Calif., As Electrek Noted. Unlike the California Outdoor Station, the Shanghai Superchargers also appear to be covered, according to images posted by the Twitter user. @JayinShanghai.

The station is located at the Jing’an International Center in a key central business and commercial district of Shanghai. The new recording, however, has an asterisk. According to @JayinShanghai, the 72 stands use V2 superchargers that produce up to 150 kW, while the 56 California stands use 250 kW V3 chargers. This means Shanghai drivers will have to wait a bit longer for a charge compared to their American counterparts (only the 3 and Y EV models support V3 charging).


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