Monday, December 11, 2023

Tesla’s Model S and Model X get a new interior

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Tesla marked his first full year of profitability and says he delivered almost 500,000 cars, but for now I’m going to talk about this steering wheel. As seen previously on the prototypes of the Cybertruck and Roadster, Tesla is deploying a ‘steering yoke’ inside its refreshed X and S models. Adorned with touch-sensitive controls for lights, signals, horn, and wipers, it looks something like an airplane or an F1 car.

While this style of control can work in limited situations, I’m curious if drivers will miss the top of the steering wheel when they try to navigate through a crowded parking lot while dealing with backseat arguments.

The oddly shaped wheel is almost enough to hide a new infotainment system that Tesla says has 10 teraflops of power and will be able to run Cyberpunk 2077 – although the proper functioning of the game may depend on the fixes rolled out before the new EVs start shipping in the spring.

– Richard Lawler

The controversial subreddit is struggling under an influx of new users.

r / WallStreetBets

Discord banned the server for the WallStreetBets subreddit, citing hate speech issues. The subreddit, which dates back to to 2012, has been credited with push the GameStop stock to records in a movement that has cost of hedge funds billion. In a statement, Discord added, “To be clear, we haven’t banned this server due to financial fraud related to GameStop or other actions.”

There has been a huge debate about the legality of what is going on r / WallStreetBets and what, if something, regulators should do about this. The SEC issued A declaration saying he “actively monitors continued market volatility”.
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The threat of new regulations could harm its business.

Business has exploded for Facebook during the coronavirus pandemic, but 2021 could prove more difficult. In its latest earnings report, the company said the new privacy features in Apple’s iOS 14 update could contribute to slowing ad revenue.

Facebook CFO Dave Wehner warned of “the impact of platform changes, especially iOS 14.” He also expected some pandemic trends, such as the massive growth in online shopping that benefited Facebook, to subside in the near future. The company posted revenue of $ 28 billion for the quarter and grew to 1.84 billion daily active users and 2.8 billion monthly active users.
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Apple achieved a record quarter of profits.

iPhone 12

Apples gain ratio claims a total of $ 111.4 billion in revenue this quarter, marking more than 20 percent year-over-year growth and a record high for the company. This wasn’t just thanks to the new iPhones (all four), but also to the growth in sales of iPads and Macs. Apple has seen growth in its subscription services – Fitness +, TV +, Music and the rest – and now has over 620 million paid subscriptions.
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It looks a lot more like a train.

Hyperloop virgin

Virgin Hyperloop has released a new concept video, explaining how potential passengers will travel in its proposed vacuum tube system. Passengers board a subway platform, called a podbay. All capsules are vacuum-packed, reducing the need to seal each capsule before it begins to move. An overhead bogie collects the nacelle and pulls it into the main tube along with several other nacelles – almost like a set of train cars.

The capsule cabin also looks a lot like a train car, with its rows of seats in a 2–1 arrangement – and a capsule bathroom. The capacity in this render is 17, although the company designed the pods to accommodate up to 28.

Virgin Hyperloop made the world’s first Hyperloop crewed trip at the end of last year, but expect traditional passenger services to take a while to materialize: the company is aiming for 2030.
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It is Fuji’s best performing medium format camera for 4K video.

Fujifilm’s new medium frame GFX 100S is actually smaller than Panasonic’s full frame S1R and just a bit heavier than Sony’s Canon R5 and A7R IV. That said, it still has more features than Fujifilm has ever packed in a GFX camera, including in-body stabilization, enhanced autofocus, and impressive 4K capabilities.

Unveiled with the new X-E4, the GFX 100S features a 102-megapixel back-illuminated large-format sensor and, with Fujifilm’s latest X processor, it can shoot at up to 5 fps – impressive considering the huge sizes of the camera. picture. It will arrive in March 2021 for $ 6,000 for the body alone.
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