Sunday, December 3, 2023

Thanks to a fan, Rockstar fixes slow GTA Online load times on PC

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Rockstar Games will address soon GTA Online infamous PC loading times. The patch comes almost six years after the game was released on Windows. Additionally, PC gamers may have ended up waiting even longer without the work of a community member.

As tells the story, a person who goes through the handle of t0st recently took to GitHub to share a proof of concept of a fix they developed for the game. They claimed it could improve GTA Online up to 70% of load times by solving a problem with a CPU bottleneck. They cautioned that the patch was not “for occasional use,” but estimated that a single Rockstar developer could implement something similar in less than a day. All in all, it will take longer than that, but according to Rockstar, an official fix is ​​in the works.

“After further investigation, we can confirm that the player did not in fact reveal an aspect of the game code related to the load times of the PC version of GTA Online that could be improved,” the company said. PC player. “As a result of these surveys, we’ve made some changes that will be implemented in a future title update.” Rockstar did not say when they planned to release the fix. But after years of enduring slow load times, there’s at least one light at the end of the tunnel for PC gamers.


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