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The inauguration and Parade through America The event went off without a hitch yesterday, showcasing many viral stars and pushing new young poet laureate Amanda Gorman to the top of Amazon’s sales charts. The online retailer rang with a message that he’s ready to help distribute vaccines – while pushing his employees to move up the lines.

Various shows aside, the Biden-Harris administration made immediate changes in its early hours. On approval by CEOs of the technology, including Sundar pichai and Tim cook, the United States to join Paris agreement on climate change (with an executive order signing that was broadcast live on YouTube), pushed COVID relief efforts and rolled back some of the previous administration’s rules on immigration.

Last and probably the least, the White House website has a new coat of paint that includes dark mode support for the first time, and a hidden message inviting coders to join the US Digital Service. So what is left for the second day?

– Richard Lawler

We can’t wait to see them in a gaming laptop.

Samsung OLED

Samsung Display has announced plans to manufacture “the world’s first” 90Hz OLED panels for laptops and notebooks. At this point, it’s not clear whether that means a particular resolution and aspect ratio or multiple offerings aimed at different laptop designs. The company will start producing 14-inch screens in March, according to general manager Joo Sun Choi.
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The template screen where you will do most of your composition is very similar to using Excel.

Polyend Tracking

According to Terrence O’Brien, the Polyend Tracker will take you from the seed of an idea to the polished track. Despite an archaic workflow, the $ 599 instrument can record samples, edit them, turn them into playable synths, and control external gear.
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It’s not a “Cyberpunk 2077”, but things haven’t gone well.

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 has been released, but a lot of people can’t play it yet. A website that was supposed to help players transfer information from the previous game was down or slow, and server errors disconnected people while trying to navigate the game. The latest post from developer IO Interactive read, “We let’s continue to make progress in resolving server issues. ”
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It also includes a heat pump, similar to Tesla’s Model Y.

Mercedes-EQ, EQA 250, Edition 1, driving record, digital white.  EQA 250 (combined electricity consumption: 15.7 kWh / 100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g / km) // Mercedes-EQ, EQA 250, edition 1, driving, digital white.  EQA 250 (combined electricity consumption: 15.7 kWh / 100 km, combined CO2 emissions: 0 g / km)

Mercedes has unveiled the EQA, its latest entry as part of a plan to release a wide range of electric vehicles in the coming years. With a 66.5 kWh battery, the compact crossover will have a range of less than 300 miles and a list price starting at € 39,950 ($ 48,440). The first version is a front-wheel drive model, but Mercedes will also be launching all-wheel-drive variants.

On the tech side, the EQA will come with the automaker’s second-generation MBUX infotainment system with a fully digital, voice-activated user interface. Mercedes’ predictive navigation with electric intelligence lets you choose the fastest route based on charging times, weather, traffic and your driving habits.
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