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Nintendo’s latest console may be crushing it, but its oldest handheld, the Game Boy, is always getting new games. And I mean new physical game cartridges. Deadeus is the latest homebrew title to launch both as a download for emulators and on a physical, suitably Gothic black cartridge that works with your circa ’89 laptop.

According to James Trew, who wrote about it here, the game juxtaposes an innocent-looking city and pixel sprites with themes of ritual and murder. And you know what the Game Boy was always missing? Indie horror. Deadeus is available for download Here, or you can pre-order the physical version (around $ 58) on the right Here.

Meanwhile, we are talking about creating realistic virtual people in less time with the help of Epic and getting more support for cryptocurrency. This time from Mastercard.

– Mat Smith

A year later, Disney + has nearly 95 million subscribers.


Just six months after the company announced it has more than 100 million streaming video subscribers, Disney revealed it has almost as many on Disney + alone. In a earnings report covering the last quarter of 2020, Disney announced that it now has 94.9 million Disney + subscribers, 39.4 million Hulu subscribers and 12.1 million ESPN + subscribers.
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The team trained NVIDIA’s Jetson on-board AI using over 20,000 images.

Colorado State University

Researchers at Colorado State University have developed an artificial intelligence system that detects when a dog is sitting, standing, or lying down. If your furry friend takes the correct position on your control, the system will detect the behavior and reward it by automatically dispensing a treat via a servo motor. Using a camera, the system had up to 92% test accuracy at around 39 fps, according to the researchers’ article. It could be used as an educational tool.
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But only the main players.

Mastercard has become the last major payments company to give cryptocurrency its blessing. Of course, if you want to be part of the establishment, you have to follow the rules. After seeing an increase in crypto transactions, Mastercard is preparing to integrate certain currencies that meet its criteria for security, reliability and compliance. You can probably keep your dogecoin for now.
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The cloud-based app makes it easy to create digital humans at scale.

Unreal Engine Metahumans

After working on the digital sets used in the Star Wars spin-off, Unreal now offers a preview of its latest virtual production tech: a realistic digital character creator that takes the grunt work out of creating virtual humans. Cloud-based MetaHuman Creator produces lifelike digital beings in less than an hour, compared to the weeks or months the job requires today.

The results are quite similar to tech demos we’ve seen in the past to demonstrate realistic human detail on next-gen consoles. What will Quantic Dreams prevent now?
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But wait, there is more …

Steam’s Lunar New Year sale goes live with discounts on ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ and more

Volkswagen partners with Microsoft on automated cars

EVgo will support Tesla cars at more than 600 fast charging stations

Apple is putting extra walls between your browsing data and Google on iOS 14.5

CD Projekt Red hackers allegedly sold ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ source code

The future of diamonds lies in recovered CO2 pollution

The board game ‘the Witcher’ is on the way

Controversial war game ‘Six Days in Fallujah’ relaunched 12 years later

A bunch of EA classics are for sale on Amazon


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