Wednesday, November 29, 2023

‘The Sinking City’ developer says his game was illegally uploaded to Steam

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Among the many other games that released on Steam last Friday was a title called The sinking city. Under normal circumstances, this would not have stood out. It’s a game of 2019 that won mostly average reviews. However, its developer, a studio named Frogwares, says The sinking city was uploaded to Valve’s storefront by its previous publisher without their consent.

On Monday, the studio shared a long and a video detailing his allegations against Nacon. In short, Frogwares claims that the company bought a copy of the game from a competing storefront, then continued to hack it and upload it to Steam. The developer said this was Nacon’s third attempt to release a pirated version of The sinking city and the latter came after the company gave him a 48-hour ultimatum. According to the studio, the Steam version of the game shows several telltale signs of its modification, including missing logos and UI elements. Frogwares was able to examine the configuration files using its own encryption key, which does not appear to change when the game was brought back online.

“To be clear, it’s piracy and when the purpose of piracy is to steal a product and make money with it, it’s called piracy or counterfeiting,” the studio said. “To achieve this goal, programmers with serious skills need to be involved. This is not a DIY job by inexperienced people, it is done by programmers who know [the] Unreal engine though. “

Both companies have been involved in more than The Flowing city since 2019. This has left the game unavailable on some platforms. The studio believes Nacon will attempt to release the pirated version of The sinking city to other showcases. Nacon responded to the allegations in an update on the game . “We regret that Frogwares persists in disrupting the release of Sinking City. It was Frogwares that came to Nacon to request funding for the development of the game, and to date, more than 10 million euros have been paid to Frogwares by Nacon, ”he explains.

At the time of writing this article, The sinking city is still available for purchase through Steam. Frogwares said Nacon will face “legal consequences” for its actions.


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