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The story of Andrew Davey’s grief in the NRL

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Andrew Davey has a message for everyone: never give up on your dreams.

Mackay’s 29-year-old second rower was tired of family and friends telling him to give up on his dreams of becoming an NRL player.

But he had his break in the 2020 NRL season when he got to run with the Parramatta Eels on lap 10.

This led to a life-changing call for his manager after the 18th inning.

His manager told him he was offered a two-year contract with Manly and finally offered the money he had waited a lifetime.

All he wanted was to be able to provide for himself and his partner.

“When my manager called me and told me how much money I was spending [with Manly], I thought: “How good!” Davey told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“I’m going to be an NRL player and have my partner and be in a financial position to support her. Ultimately I had a victory.”

But in a terrible blow, Davey’s partner – from whom he had been physically separated for seven months due to COVID-19 – broke up with him.

“I proved that I was worth it. I proved that I was capable of being a player in the NRL. But then I lost my partner as well.

“I’ve always been a fighter just for an opportunity, and eventually I was given something of value so that I could all live my life together… but COVID-19 took its toll.

“I keep telling people this has been the best and the worst year of my life.”

Davey will resume his preseason campaign with Manly on Monday and says he’s using his grief as a springboard for 2021.

Having given up everything to be with the Sea Eagles, Davey said he was ready to start with the club with a no regrets attitude.

“It was hard to leave when I did, but it was my last chance. If I didn’t grab it, that was it,” said Davey.

He said he had already felt welcomed at the club by figures like Kieran Foran and Daly Cherry-Evans, who had been “so good” to him during this year’s short pre-season.

“It’s funny when you’re my age when you walk into the system, and I’m just new to the system. I don’t play with players that I’ve watched grow up,” Davey said.

“A lot of kids play by the age of 20 and they’ve watched their heroes play and they can play with them.”

But her message is clear to anyone who is told their dreams are too big or that they should give up.

“I don’t know how many times I’ve been ridiculed for what I was doing. People would say, ‘Why are you doing this? You’re never going to get there, ”Davey said.

“But I wouldn’t change a thing because I did something that I had always dreamed of doing. I took the scenic route, but I did, and there’s nothing stopping someone else from. do the same thing.”

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