Monday, December 11, 2023

The UN has created a game about protecting the ozone layer

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How do you teach a younger audience to appreciate and protect the ozone layer? By incorporating science into the games they play, apparently. As Eurogamer reports, the United Nations Environment Program is release a Reset Earth game for Android and iOS that charges you with nothing less than saving the ozone layer. You play as three teenagers from 2084 who must travel through time to secure the signing of the 1987 Montreal Protocol, preserve ozone and prevent the rise of a virus called “growth”.

The game is linked to an animated series of the same title. It’s featured as a ‘2D platform runner’ with puzzle solving based on your characters’ unique abilities such as hacking devices, slowing down time, and even exploding manhole covers. It won’t be a particularly in-depth adventure game or even a complex shooter like Fortnite, but that’s not really the point – it’s meant to teach science in an engaging way.


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